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Do's and Dont's

The Do's of Hiring a Tree Service

1. Use a reputable company, check out this companie's history.
2. Use a company that has been in business for at least five years.
3. Use the BBB, Angie's list or ask a neighbor that has recently had tree work done and the job looks professionally done, to find a reliable company.
4. Ask for references.
5. Look at the companies equipment. If their equipment is clean and nice looking, you know they take pride in their business appearance and will take pride in your job.
6. Look at the employee! If they look professional, once again the owner takes pride in the appearance of his company.

The Don'ts of Hiring a Tree Service

1. Never pay any money prior to the completion of a tree job. There are no materials involved, No reputable company will ever ask for money upfront.
2. Never use someone who knocks on your door and says they were in your neighborhood. These guys usually don't have insurance or good business practices. Good companies advertise and are registered with the state and the BBB.
3. Check out the company with the BBB or check the secretary of state website for negative feedback on the company.
4. Watch out for companies that want to have a dumpster dropped off at your home for tree derbis. Good companies have the proper equipment to get the job done for you. These companies that use the dumpster for tree derbis will probably leave the dumpster rental fee thirty days later and you will be responsible for that fee because the dumpster was delivered to your home.
5. Never give a tree company that you haven't checked out thoroughly your personal information (like credit cards). This day and age you have to be extremely careful with who you are dealing with.
6. If you hire a tree company and they complete 1/2 the tree and tell you they will be back tomorrow to finish the rest but they would like half the money on the job. DON'T DO IT. Most likely the company cut the easiest part of the tree and they don't have the proper equipment to finish the job. Its an easy way for these companies to make quick and easy money and leave you with 1/2 of a dangerous tree and that tree will end up costing you double because a good company will have to clean up someone else dangerous mess.
7. If the company you hire starts cutting a tree and at the end of the tree being completes, you have a whole yard full of brush and once again the company says they will returns the next day to clean it up but once again this complaint says they want money. Don't give the money no matter how sincere the buy sounds. You will be left with that big mess. No reputable com[any is going those business practices they clean up as they go to make it a professional job and to make it less stress on the home owner. I guarantee that the yard full of brush you were left with is going to cost you as much as the tree did mostly because its a huge tangled up mess and a hassle for the company that has to deal with it.
8. During an emergency (Tornados, Wind damage, weather related emergency). If you have a tree down or damaged. Be careful! Don't use doorknockers or out of the state companies who are just in the area to cash in on your misfortune. These guys are going to do a terrible job of cleaning up and they are going to price galge. The mess isn't going anywhere. Calm down, call your insurance company and then a local tree service who can even ask your insurance company who they recommend or check out the BBB.
9. Always call the tree companies insurance company for yourself. Don't go by the policy that they carry in their truck. So many professional companies pay their premium to get the policy document made out for the year then wither don't pay the other 11 payments or cancel the policy. Tree insurance is very expensive so be safe and call the insurance company and confirm the policy.
10. Never use a company that is half the price of the other bids you have received on your tree job. We recommend getting 3 bids, Reputable companies will be in the same ballpark, give 100 to 200 but if you get a bid that is half the price of something is wrong. This company either has no insurance, no experience or is going to leave you with a very unprofessional job. This company can even cost more in the long run with property damages. Before you accept the cheapest bid, do your homework, check out the company with the BBB or secretary of the state if there is no information using BBB or secretary of state, that means this company is now registered and has not been in business for at least a year. Be careful.